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Accent Enhancement

About Our Personal Approach to Accent Enhancement

Our private consultations are designed to improve communication and speaking skills of non-native speakers, thereby dramatically improving their ability to effectively communicate their ideas. When ones first language is significantly different from English, it poses a challenge for English language learners.

Communication breakdowns can be frequent because listeners either miss some of the spoken content or misinterpret the speaker's message. Brilliant ideas, conceived by a person who has mastered reading and writing English, may be compromised and even nullified by an accent.

Our accent enhancement program is designed to address such breakdowns by improving the speakers communicative effectiveness. The goal of our program is to enhance the speaker's communication, not to diminish the cultural identity of the speaker. In other words, accents need not be eliminated. Only those aspects considered problematic and interfereing with communication should be addressed.

Our in depth assessment of spoken English includes an interview to obtain background information, an audio recording of speech sound production, spontaneous speech and reading samples, followed by an analysis of error patterns and deviations in prosody, rhythm and stress. A series of individual classes are scheduled growing out of the analysis derived from the evaluation. Extensive home study and practice materials are provided. or (619) 574-8181