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Memory For Life
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What is Memory For Life?

Memory For Life is a wellness program designed to enrich the cognitive skills of all seniors.  Interactive classes are based on activities that target:

  • memory skills
  • problem solving techniques
  • comprehension and expression
  • interpersonal communication

Weekly classes are held in group settings and are designed to meet the needs of every individual according to his/her level of functioning:

  • Group I:  Independent living
  • Group II: Assisted living
  • Group III: Early dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Seniors are given the opportunity to rediscover the joy of using mental abilities while engaging in fun and functional group activities:

  • Sequencing steps during board games
  • Reading and recalling recipes
  • Associating names with faces
  • Implementing memory tokens
  • Creating and performing skits
  • Utilizing daily planners and calendars