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What is Memory For Life?

Why join?

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Memory For Life

Memory For Life
“Use It Or Lose It!”

Why Join?

Memory For Life enhances:

  • memory recall strategies
  • problem solving techniques
  • receptive and expressive language
  • interpersonal communication

Activities are:

  • Dynamic
  • Interactive
  • Multi-sensory
  • Fun
  • Functional

Group settings promote:

  • Interaction amongst residents
  • Involvement in the residential community
  • Hands on learning and application

Added benefits:

  • Health awareness
  • Improvement of self esteem
  • Improvement of self confidence
  • Enhancement of social relationships
  • Increased activity level

Memory For Life participants have reported:

“Subjects were enjoyable and games entertaining.”
“I enjoyed the class very much!”
“Made life joyful and helps my feeling of sadness.”
“Lots of laughs.”